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Searching for a Broadway show starring your favorite film or TV actors? Look no further. We’ve pulled together a list of Broadway shows with famous actors so you can stop the googling.

See your favorite TV/Film actors on Broadway

Show Type Famous Actor Find discount tickets
Blackbird Play Jeff Daniels [Dumb & Dumber, The Newsroom] Michelle Williams [Blue Valentine & Dawson’s Creek] Blackbird discounts
Eclipsed Play Lupita Nyong’o [12 Years a Slave, Star Wars: Force Awakens] Eclipsed discounts
Fully Committed Comedy Jesse Tyler Ferguson [Modern Family] Full Committed discounts
The Father Play Frank Langella [Frost/Nixon, Superman Returns] The Father discounts
She Loves Me Musical Laura Benanti [Take the Lead] Zachary Levi [Tangled, Chuck] She Loves Me discounts